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Filmi By Nature AJ Add-on XBMC from Fusion Servers


Since alot of request here is new video on how to install Filmi By Nature!…. Things You need: 1. Install Fusion Servers: http://goo.gl/cWq1FD 2. Install Add-On Installer: http://goo.gl/FvX0NC

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ProBox2 EX QuadCore & ProBox2 Remote+ Review


Here is yet another Awesome box i received from Probox2 & w2comp group, it is a QuadCore with 8Core GPU and real fast Customized OS Since it was requested to zoom in good features here is main thing i got out of it.. Place your order from official website: http://goo.gl/0Kmy3s

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MyGica ATV1800E QuadCore 4K Unboxing & Little Review


Another awesome box from MyGica.ca And here is a Video for unboxing and little review on this box Place to order : http://goo.gl/WPnx9c

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MyGica ATV400 – Android 4.2 1080P Kernel *Beta*


Here is what everyone was asking for, a 1080P Kernel Since this was requested, i have created this video File: http://goo.gl/BVsi57

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G-Box Midnight MX2 Update to 1.2.1


A lot of us had problem with 1.2 File release since it was missing some little portions. now they fixed it Ok Here is what you need first of all 1. G-Box Midnight MX2 2. a ToothPick or Small Screw driver 3. SD card ( Make sure it should 512 or higher ) 4. Files […]

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Change To Default Launcher On MyGica ATV582 & ATV1800E


Here is yet another 101 Video for our Beloved MyGica Group, hope this helps people that are stuck and wanted to change back to classic Launcher or wants to go back to there 4K launcher

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What is 4K UHD? Next-Gen resolution explained


From the World Cup to Netflix, in 2014 you’re going to start hearing a lot more about 4K resolution or ‘Ultra HD.’ But what is it? And more importantly, do you want it? As if 3D TV and LED LCD vs. OLED vs. plasma and 120Hz and the Soap Opera Effect weren’t confusing enough, in […]

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Difference Between G-Box Midnight MX2 VS Droid MX Box


Lately are proliferating in the market poor quality refurbished copies of popular G-BOX Midnight MX2 imitating their outward appearance. These teams are also fully compatible with the G-BOX Midnight Firmware Original MX2 and internally have a very different hardware as discussed in the following article We have received the Droid MX safely at the official store of the manufacturer […]

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Buffering is a common question within the XBMC application. Most users will want to resolve the buffering issue. To do so, follow the guide below. Internet Speeds First and foremost, we need to isolate the causes for the slow buffering. This can be achieved by a quick speed test. Download SpeedTest from the Google Play […]

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G-Box Midnight MX2 Software Update To 1.2 And What is New

Setup 101

Since This Update came up, and it have alot of goodies we thought its good idea to come up with a Video to ease the pain and walk through step by step on how to process this update.. Things you Need: 1. SD Card Over 500MB 2. Something to place your Midnight MX2 to Recovery […]

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