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MyGica ATV582 With KR40 Remote Review


Here is yet another awesome bundle deal ATV582 with KR40 Remote now you do not need to purchase a remote that will have keyboard built in… 1. To Order one visit mygica.tv Official Website Share This:

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WeTek Play ATSC / DVB & Android BOX – Review


WeTek Play is not only an Android Box rather Satellite and ATSC box too that way you change just open the WeTek Theater and Enjoy your Satellite channels via regular Satellite Dish… Pros: 1. Very Nice Design, and Clean 2. Good Launcher very simple 3. App open and close are done quick 4. Remote is […]

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Sneak Peak Of MyGica ATV586 With ATSC connection


Here is Sneak Peak of Mygica ATV586 with ATSC Connection, this box still under heavy work and not out yet, but since i got my hands on it did a quick walk through what to look for once it comes out.. – For now its running Android 4.4 Kitkat, but DTV options are running very […]

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MAGTV App Setup On MyGica Box – How to, Step by Step Guide


Here is how you can setup MAGTV App which is a MAG250/254 Stocker Emulator for MyGica box only, You can setup your MAG250 IPTV on this APP how to install MAGTV Share This:

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Install MAGTV APP on your MyGica Box


  This app is exclusive to Mygica brand Boxes, and its a IPTV stocker app, which emulates MAG250/256 In The video we are showing how to install it from Mygica Store or From Android Market Play store Share This:

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MyGica ATV1800E Android 5.0.2 Sneak Peak


Since alot of people would like to see the new OS 5.0 beta in action here is a little Sneak Peak on what’s new on MyGica Side *** NOTE: This is beta, and no Release date has been setup ** ** Do Not Send Request for Software, i do not have it available ** Enjoy […]

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How to Add XCTechs YouTube Channel Add-on In Kodi


To Add Our YouTube Addon to your Kodi Follow these steps 1. Select Settings Then File Manager  2. Select Add Source  3. Select <None> and press Enter 4. Enter the Url (( http://xctechs.x10host.com ))   5. At the bottom name media Source Enter (( *XC Techs )) Then Press Ok Button 6.  Press Esc on […]

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Install TVMC 14 2 On Android


Here is how you can install TVMC 14.2, which just came out by TVAddons group, Step by Step walk through Share This:

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Collaborate Kodi Screen 101


Here is a video to help you guys fix screen size, and not over lap or black lines inside of your screen while watching your Kodi screen Share This:

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Backup Add-on – Kodi Advanced 101 – How to


Here is another video little more info, on how to backup your data base + Background and shortcuts on your thumb drive or network drive.. 1. Backup Kodi On Network Drive: http://bit.ly/1FQbsnJ 2. Backup Kodi on USB Drive: http://bit.ly/1FcRv5G Share This:

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