Review: JynxBox M1 Pure Linux XBMC Box


Since this box came on our hands been playing to figure out things to get differences out of the box,
Here are some good and bad about JynxBox M1,

The Review is totally processed with XC techs groups and none been attached to JynxBox Company or its owners sole testing been done on between our team came to these steps

If you want to get a glimps of how JynxBox M1 looks or feels visit our YouTube Channel and view the video for Un-boxing

the XBMC version is 12.0 hopefully will be able to update to later version once Jynxbox test and tweak and brings update we will help you update your JynxBox M1

The Goods: The Box is created to run only XBMC, and add-ons of your choice no parties add-ons been apart this box…

– Very Easy To Setup

Jynxbox M1 is very smooth on quick to setup, WiFi setup is simple also, we have video for it (Coming Soon )

– Finding internal Network Faster then even HTPC, OpenElec

– The remote is nicely setup, wide spaced so you don’t have to press other buttons and its part of the JynxBox as they always been good with ir or gyro remotes this remote is IR remote…


– the Box it self running Videos smoothly and streaming from within your network works without problems..

– Using Add-ons like MashUp or Navi-X  the HD sections works quick loads fast enough and plays videos without problems..

Streaming from add-ons High Quality DTS Audio will bring a little bit of delay, but tweaking it will fix the issue and will run without problems..



The Bads: I can hardly find any yet to be bad about this unit, it worked perfectly but some little things that started to bug me was..

– HDMI wire is not included

– The remote buttons clicking is a little bit loud while clicking..

– Audio DTS needs tweaking, dont have different connection for audio all done through HDMI 1.3

– Remote full 100% buttons with current version not fully mapped

Finally: someone ask me if i recommend it, yes we do love it in XC Techs Group, its a good product, no pushing on sell, it should sell it self since its nicely built…

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  1. So, for simply using XBMC to watch movies or TV shows on a TV would you recommend this, an Apple TV 2 or something else? I’m guessing once you add Fusion & xnfinity it’s the same.

    • lets put it this way, I recommand this since AppleTV requires jailbreak and tethered and untethered and alot of people are confused, so if they have JynxBox M1 no more jailbreak required plus its faster. If your in to Add-ons i would use Fusion more then Xfinity since they have there own problems…

  2. Anything further testing on this device? I really only want to run movies from my own network hard drives using XBMC, and I don’t care about all the other online streaming content. I have an ATV3 that worked great for exactly one week using Plex Connect, until Apple broke it ( and I can’t seem to get the work around to function).
    Also, where is it available for purchase?

  3. Looking for a bit more detail:

    1. How is live streaming?
    2. Can xbmc version be updated?

    • 1. I am really not crazy for live streaming, but your local network works fine, as per 3rd party add-ons which are 100% illegal, it works as other xbmc platforms works
      2. When the new stable version of XBMC available i will create a video on how to update!…

    • michael beresford

      Its a great system depending on internet live streaming is good but films etc are great when they’re full hd and well before sky

  4. michael beresford

    my jinx box m1 will only stream live tv for 3.5 mins at a time saying loading local problems with anything i can watch films etc no prob.can it be fixed easily or do i need an engineer

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